Dr. Abdel Aziz Hegazy


Name :    Dr. Abd  El-Aziz Mohamed Hegazy

Education :

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Accounting. (1951)
  • Faculty of Commerce and Social Science, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting Section) with honors. (1944)
  • Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University, Egypt.

Employment :

  • The Academic Field :

1996 – present : Visiting Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Cairo & Ain Shams University.

2000 – 2004     :  Member of Governing Board, Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University.

1984 – 1994     :  Member of Governing Board, Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University.

1975 – 1989     :  Visiting Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University.

1967 – 1968     :  Dean, Faculty of Commerce, Ain Shams University.

1951 – 1967     :  Lecturer\ Assistant Professor\ Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University.

  • The Public Field :

1974 – 1975    :  Prime Minister of Egypt.

1973­ – 1974    :  Deputy Prime Minister For Economy & Foreign Trade.

1968 – 1973    :  Minister of Treasury and Finance.

1944 – 1946    :  Tax Inspector.

  • The Professional Field :
  • Chairman of several companies :

1.Hegazy Center for Management Consulting & Training.1986

2.Misr International Tourism Co.1986

3.Chloride Egypt.1983

4.Egyptian International Tourist Investment Co.1997

  • Former Chairman of the Following companies:

5.Allied Arab Bank. ( London, United Kingdom).

6.Misr International Hospital.

7.Misr International Towers Company.

8.Bank of Commerce.

9.Arab American Co. for Industrial Development.

Professional and Academic Associations :

  • Former Member of Egyptian Parliament and the Governorate of Cairo.
  • Chairman of Arab Cost Accounting Society, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Chairman of Egypt’s Branch of National Society of Management Accounting, U.S.A.
  • Chairman of Islamic Economic Society, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Fellow of Egyptian Society of Accountants and Auditors, Egypt.
  • Member of National Management Accountants Society, U.S.A.
  • Member of American Accounting Association, U.S.A.
  • Member of the Society of Development and Protection of Private Investment, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Member of Computer Society Egypt .
  • Chairman of the Egyptian Institute of Accountants & Auditors.
  • General Secretary of the Federation of Arab Accountants.

Publications :

He wrote several books and articles on Management Accounting, Economic Development, Local Government, Politics

and Economics of the Arab World, the Middle East, the European Unity and the World.

Posts Occupied

  • In the field of High Education in Universities :
  • He participated in several fields of activities in the professional as well as the social fields amongst which were the

posts of:

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Society of Costing.
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Society of Accounting.
  • Member of National Association of Accountants in USA.
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Club of Commerce.
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Co-operative society of constructing houses for the Cairo University Staff.
  • Publications he issued during his years of service in the University staff :
  • The Scientific Basis of Effective Costing.
  • The Financial Accounting for Commercial Firms.
  • The Generalizing of the Accounting System of Effective Costing.
  • Analytic Study of the Commercial Budget
  • Accounting for Management Control (In English).

He also published several papers pamphlets, and articles issued in several scientific magazines

  • While joining the University staff, he used to participate in several fields of activities in the public service field and therefore assumed the following responsibilities :
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the General Organization for Development of the Industrial five year plan.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Maritime Transport Organization .
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Local Transport Organization
  • Member of the Technical Committee for Local Administration.
  • Member of the Cairo Governorate Council.
  • Founder of the Workers Trade Union, which was approved by the president, and includes now more than 170,000 workers in all governorates.
  • In the field of Governmental Work :
  • He was named “Minister of Treasury” for the first time, in March 1968 under president Gamal Abd El-Nasser’s rule and occupied the post till September 1970. Besides his responsibilities as Minister of Treasury, he worked as Minister of Management Development where he took into consideration the fact that 25% of the workers in the civil service field would reach the age of retirement during the five coming years and so their replacement must be trained very well.
  • He was chosen “Minister of Treasury” for the second time with Dr. Mohmoud fawzy’s first cabinet, following the passing away of President Gamal Abd El-Nasser in 19/1/1970. He was rechosen “Minister of Treasury “for the third time in Dr. M. Fawzy’s reformed cabinet in 15 May, 1971. He was named again “Minister of Treasury in Dr. Aziz Sidky’s cabinet as from 18 January 1972 .
  • In President Sadat’s cabinet formed in 27 March 1973, Dr. Hegazy was chosen Deputy Prime Minister of Finance, Economy & Foreign trade, and occupied this post till he was named Prime Minister in 1974.
  • Political Posts and responsibilities:
  • 1968 : He was named member of parliament of Zaguazigue, in the Sharkia Governorate.
  • 1968 : He was named member of the central committee of the Arab Socialist Union.
  • 1969 : He was named member of the cabinet committee.
  • 1969 : He was named chairman of the committee for the Government’s Systems Resturction, his program was executed on the Financial & Administrative Levels.
  • 1970 : He was named member of the cabinet committee for structuring the development plan.

During the seven years of his Ministerial career and as a prime minister Dr-Hegazy left outstanding marks in the governmental sectors he supervised namely the financial & Economic Affairs and Managerial Development. He issued – after thorough studies – several laws, decrees, introduced many amendments to existing regulations which deeply affected the above mentioned respective fields.

  • In the field of Managerial Development :

Dr. Hegazy used to give great importance, to strengthening ties with International Scientific Organizations in the field of administration. He was behind the presidential Decree of establishing the National Institute of Management Development in 1971 – ­which included the two institutes (the institute of General Management and the Institute of Local Management). This merging  resulted in establishing a new National Institute specialized in scientific as well as professional activities such as undertaking studies offering consultation, training experts, publishing managerial development in all fields, all sectors and on all levels.

Also, Dr. Hegazy finally issued necessary decrees and took necessary measures in the field of managerial development which aimed to :

  • Adjustment of wages and job degrees for those graduated from secondary schools and all technical secondary schools in all fields of specialization.
  • Generalizing management training in all governmental bodies with consultative functions activities
  • Developing relationships between different institutions and service organizations in consultancy systems.
  • In this effect, Dr. Hegazy applied the recommendations adopted by the conference on performance of public service according to the following principle:

“Administration at the service of peoples”